Loeb Lighting Services helps ensure optimal performance of your lighting environment.

Dependable service to extend the life of your system

Every lighting environment requires ongoing service to ensure optimum performance and safety as well as to extend the life of your system.

Loeb Electric, through our Loeb Lighting Services division, has the resources across the country to handle virtually any electrical need anytime and anywhere, including:

  •  Lighting, electrical and sign maintenance
  •  Replace lamps and ballasts
  •  Retrofit fixtures and non-compliant systems
  •  Recycle or dispose of lamps and ballasts
  •  24-hour immediate response to emergencies
  •  Industry-leading software providing real-time status of every job

In addition, our courteous, professional staff is trained to identify problems that can be resolved without dispatching a tech, and evaluates all service and charges to ensure they are within industry standards.