With RightLight®, Loeb Electric has set the industry standard for lamp replenishment.

The right lamp in the right socket. Always.

Retailers take great steps to design store lighting, but in hectic day-to-day operations, these specifications are often comprised.

Loeb Electric has set the industry standard for lamp replenishment - making sure that your exact lighting specifications at each store are always maintained. Our exclusive RightLight® application keeps the right lamp on hand for every fixture and provides your associates with complete instructions for where each lamp should go.

RightLight® provides control when and where you need it

With RightLight, you have complete visibility over the ordering process with built-in controls that:

  •  Restrict expenditures through predetermined budgets at various levels
  •  Assure adherence to brand design integrity by the use of customized templates
  •  Keep inventory levels at a minimum and reduce exposure to excess stock

Complete reporting at both store and corporate levels provides a snapshot of how much you spent and where. Through the use of permission levels you can assign authority to allow for flexibility in those expenditures.