Columbus, Ohio, October 24, 2017 – Loeb Electric was recently honored with a Golden Link Award (Lighting Category) from The Wendy's Company, the world's third largest quick-service hamburger company. The award, which recognizes suppliers who have demonstrated outstanding supply chain contributions in the areas of collaboration, innovation and cost optimization, represents the culmination of two years of work. During that time, the Loeb Electric team created innovative lighting designs that will help the fast food chain increase brand awareness while also helping owner-operators save money on their store lighting packages.

When Wendy's Quality Supply Chain Co-op (QSCC) turned to Loeb Electric to evaluate its existing lighting package and propose improvements, the goal was to provide the highest quality LED products while also reducing the package costs for owner-operators. Loeb Electric answered the call by submitting a new LED lighting package that reduced material costs by more than half in the restaurants that were monitored.     

"Loeb Electric has become an exceptionally valuable supplier partner for Wendy's and QSCC," said Mike Lucke, associate manager of Building Materials, Fabrication and Distribution for QSCC. "The new LED lighting package that Loeb put together greatly exceeded our expectations." 

Now, in addition to being the low-cost provider for all Wendy's interior lighting in North America, Loeb Electric is currently developing an alternative exterior lighting program that would provide an additional cost reduction for QSCC members.

"This is a testament to the partnership we've formed with Wendy's and its owner-operators within QSCC," said Michael Wolfe, National Accounts Executive at Loeb Electric. "Together we have delivered on our goals of providing quality lighting and enhancing the brand experience. We're proud to have met those aesthetic goals while also delivering exceptional value."